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3D Product Marketing – TechnoGuard & BlueMamba

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Recent Work!

Client: TechnoGuard & BlueMamba

Resolution 3D Artists: Scott Stewart & Jamie Baker

Resolution Built a 3D server room to bring clients product to life in a virtual showroom. Cinema 4D and Adobe Creative Cloud were used to design and edit this visual marketing content for TechnoGuard to show how their products can benefit air flow and safety for server rooms. Rebus Farm a cloud based 3D render farm was used to render the final product out of Cinema 4D. #technoguard #bluemamba #rebusfarm #maxon #cinema 4D #adobe #creativecloud


After spending a week in Oahu shooting footage for a client, we are back in the shop editing and color correcting this beautiful 4K HDR footage. #gh5 #cinematography #

Road Trip HDR 4k

Heading to FLA for a corporate shoot. Dual Panasonic GH5 cinema kit.

Tilta Panasonic GH5 cage is awesome!!!!!  

Tilta GH5 cage is awesome! Love the Panasonic GH5 for 4k 4:2:2 10bit recording. The TILTA GH5 cage is a well designed cage with lots of rail attatchments for your film accessories. It has a quick release that lets you quickly remove the camera from the cage to shoot stills or go handheld. Big bonus. Resolution loves this camera cage! #digitalcinema #GH5 #tilta #atamos  


Crew Cloud in the Post House!

Great having Ashley with Crew Connection in the office for a tour of the studio.  Love being part of their DC post production team. #crewconnection #resolutionpost #jssproductions


Color Correction and Visual Effects Virginia, DC, MD

Resolution Post color correction suite. Rent by the hour or week for your next project.  Digital workflow for all camera formats.  Finishing in Premiere Pro, Davinchi, Mocha, After Effects, Cinema 4D. Motion and 3D camera tracking,  3D visual effects and scene painting. We have you covered for your next video or Cinema project. #colorist, #davinchi, #postproduction, #visualfx

Cinema 4D Render Farm

Working on a big Cinema 4D, 3D animation project.  Our new render farm partner is RebusFarm Render Farm.  Harnessing the power of 3,000 processors to output a 3D movie. #resolutionpost #3danimation #cinema4D


Roto and screen replacement.

Doing some motion tracking in 6K using Mocha 5. Rock solid tracking data.  #mocharocks #visualeffects