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Affordable Gimbals for Light Cameras (

Gimbals that can take your footage to the next level on a budget. This write up from takes about 3 great options in the sub 1000$ range.



Glidecam XR-2000 – Kicking up your production quality on a budget.

The Glidecam XR-2000 is a awesome upgrade to your DSLR kit. It’s hand held and light weight and will hold cameras up to 6lbs.


Sony’s new and improved 4K DSLR – A7s II

With it’s amazing light sensitivity, 4K movie recording and 5 axis optical image stabilization, Sony takes an already solid 4K DSLR platform to the next level. Here at Resolution we love the original A7s and can’t wait to test out the new and improved version. Check the specs and other information here:

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 9.33.15 AM


4K DSLR is here!! What can we shoot for you?

Our new DSLR package shoots 4K in camera.  Includes our new Rokinon Cine DS lenses for some beautiful 4K and 1080p video.


IMG_3157 IMG_3159


Making a 3D DragonFly in Cinema 4D

3D Model of a Dragon Fly for a new project.  Next step to make it fly! All done in Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects.  #3Danimation

Screenshot 2015-08-27 12.37.41 Screenshot 2015-08-27 13.18.58

A look at Hololens. Tech Demo from E3 2015

With Gamescom starting today I wanted to take a look at an exciting piece of technology demoed at E3 this year. The Hololens. Will we see any new uses for this awesome tech this week? Stay tuned.