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Resolution Studio

Resolution offers a studio in Chantilly, Virginia so you can get your professional communications out to your audience.

Our studio can be pre-light and configured for three backgrounds: green screen small or full head to toe; white board presentation, or a grey neutral wall presentation. The studio offers a private parking lot entrance to a private green room that you have access to during your studio time.  While in the studio our technician will set-up the shot while wearing a personal face mask. Once the shot is set-up our video technician will start recording and move to a glass-walled control room where he will monitor your presentation to the camera.  Once your shoot is complete, you can enter back into the private green room and wait for the technician’s text that the recording was good and you can leave.  The technician will then prepare a video with time code window burn that will be emailed to you with a download link you can watch at your private office or residence after receiving.  You will submit your best takes via the time code and email us back with the order of how you would like us to edit your presentation. We will then edit your presentation into a final version that is sent via download link for your approval.  Once approved we will provide you with a video compression for your platform of choice. 

Our goal is to set up a safe environment as your own personal production studio to help you create your content to keep your communication flowing to your viewers.  We also offer live streaming to Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch and private servers.   

Covid-19 Employee Communication

As we gear up to head back to our places of work it’s important we communicate to our employees and customers the importance of social distancing and protocols to keep us all safe to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Resolution can help you communicate with affordable animations or videos to create your message. Just tell us what you need and we will create your message for you. Think of us as your in-house communications department. Talented artists and visual storytellers. What can we create for you?

Affordable custom animations to tell your story.

Get your message out by using fun and creative custom animations. Our talented Art Director/Animator Jamie Baker made this short animation all by hand in Adobe Illustrator and After Effects. Enjoy and Stay Safe!

Fresh of the press. New Demo Reel

Resolution Post New Demo reel. Thanks to all our clients for giving us great projects to work on. All GFX and animations were made with Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects, Mocha, Red Giant, Davinci Resolve and Premiere Pro. What can we create for you?

#postproduction #c4d #animation #creative #visualeffects#videoproduction

Cinematography Reel

Just finished up our new cinematography reel.  Shot by Scott Stewart, Resolution Director of Photography and Jamie Baker, A/C.  Shot with a variety of 4k to 8K Digital Cinema Cameras.  What can we capture for you?

3D Product Marketing – TechnoGuard & BlueMamba

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 12.49.31 PM

Recent Work!

Client: TechnoGuard & BlueMamba

Resolution 3D Artists: Scott Stewart & Jamie Baker

Resolution Built a 3D server room to bring clients product to life in a virtual showroom. Cinema 4D and Adobe Creative Cloud were used to design and edit this visual marketing content for TechnoGuard to show how their products can benefit air flow and safety for server rooms. Rebus Farm a cloud based 3D render farm was used to render the final product out of Cinema 4D. #technoguard #bluemamba #rebusfarm #maxon #cinema 4D #adobe #creativecloud


After spending a week in Oahu shooting footage for a client, we are back in the shop editing and color correcting this beautiful 4K HDR footage. #gh5 #cinematography #

Road Trip HDR 4k

Heading to FLA for a corporate shoot. Dual Panasonic GH5 cinema kit.

Tilta Panasonic GH5 cage is awesome!!!!!  

Tilta GH5 cage is awesome! Love the Panasonic GH5 for 4k 4:2:2 10bit recording. The TILTA GH5 cage is a well designed cage with lots of rail attatchments for your film accessories. It has a quick release that lets you quickly remove the camera from the cage to shoot stills or go handheld. Big bonus. Resolution loves this camera cage! #digitalcinema #GH5 #tilta #atamos