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Crew Cloud in the Post House!

Great having Ashley with Crew Connection in the office for a tour of the studio.  Love being part of their DC post production team. #crewconnection #resolutionpost #jssproductions


Color Correction and Visual Effects Virginia, DC, MD

Resolution Post color correction suite. Rent by the hour or week for your next project.  Digital workflow for all camera formats.  Finishing in Premiere Pro, Davinchi, Mocha, After Effects, Cinema 4D. Motion and 3D camera tracking,  3D visual effects and scene painting. We have you covered for your next video or Cinema project. #colorist, #davinchi, #postproduction, #visualfx

When your Adobe Creative Cloud won’t update or uninstall.


We had a problem recently where the Adobe Creative Cloud app on our newest Mac Pro and older iMac wouldn’t update or allow us to uninstall. Our guys tried everything and searched the web for answers on why we were having this issue. NOTHING.. After much frustration we finally bit the bullet and took our systems to El Capitan. As soon as the upgrade was complete Adobe Creative Cloud booted and updated solving the issue and freeing us from the nightmare. We wanted to pass this tip along to our fellow animator, editor and sound tech buddies so that maybe we can save you the headache we had. If you’ve held off on upgrading, it might be time..


Cinema 4D Render Farm

Working on a big Cinema 4D, 3D animation project.  Our new render farm partner is RebusFarm Render Farm.  Harnessing the power of 3,000 processors to output a 3D movie. #resolutionpost #3danimation #cinema4D


Roto and screen replacement.

Doing some motion tracking in 6K using Mocha 5. Rock solid tracking data.  #mocharocks #visualeffects


(2010-2012) Mac Pro 12 Core overhaul.

Today on “This old Mac” One of our clients has us replacing parts in a 2010-2012 12Core Mac Pro.

Graphics Card, USB3/ESATA Cards, Ram and an Internal RAID.  It’s also got an SSD main drive. This thing is pretty sweet.

In this time of 5K iMac and NEW Mac Pro it’s nice to see someone investing in an old school workhorse like this one. Especially if

you want to run legacy software like Final Cut 7 and the old Production Bundle.


Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 12.04.51 PM.



Director of Dead Pool A/V support

Resolution is about to do video roll in videos for the director of Dead Pool, Tim Miller. Had a nice VFX conversation with him back stage about the film. Resolution is a big fan of the Dead Pool visual FX.

image image

My Color Correction Tools – ScopeBox

Scopebox is a great app combined with BlackMagic ultra studio mini and ultra studio 4K. Correcting another film today. #colorcorrection